In 1995, together with her then-husband, anthropologist Luis Morales, Maddalena formed the arts and crafts association Kun Kun ("little by little" in the Tzeltal Mayan language). Together, they pioneered the development of contemporary designs using traditional artisanal techniques of the region. Several of the young people who were trained at that time are now master weavers with whom we continue to collaborate.

Teotitlan del Valle, in Oaxaca, has a long and deep tradition of rug weaving with the pedal loom, introduced by the Dominican monks in the 16th century. Maddalena has introduced the weavers of Teotitlan to and trained them in a specific weaving method that emphasizes—rather than conceals—the irregularity of the hand-spun wool produced in Chiapas.

Madda Studio Woven Wool Rug Marigold
Madda Studio Loom Weaving Custom Wool Rugs in Mexico
Madda Studio Loom for Handwoven Wool Rugs in MExico
Madda Studio Wool for Custom Wool Rugs in Mexico

Our Weaving Techniques


compound weave

The Greige Design has its origins in the rich textile traditions of Sardinia, and was realized for the first time as a result of the collaboration with architecture studio Bonetti-Kozerski. This elegant rug is a compound weave with hand-spun wool from Chiapas and cotton warp. Custom colors and sizes available.



A sturdy and sophisticated rug for any context, this flat weave is made with hand-spun wool from Chiapas with cotton warp. Custom colors and sizes available for both wool and cotton.