our natural-Dye process


We achieve our color palette with the personal care of Maddalena and her assistants in the Studio using local plant materials and the cochineal bug. Due to the empirical process of natural dyeing, constant monitoring is essential to guarantee the results required. We develop unique hues and saturations for each custom project.

At Madda Studio, we use natural dyes following the logic of color theory. Cochinilla (red), indigo (blue) and cempasúchitl (marigold) are our primary colors, and from their mixture, we obtain secondary colors: green, purple and orange. Following this logic, we get infinite variants by superimposing colors and varying proportions.



Different shades of color are “built” through successive baths and by introducing other natural materials, such as lime, we create additional variations. This “building’ method of color development enables the creation of intricate hues and more depths of color. Each project poses challenges that push us to continue experimenting and creating new colors.

All of the materials we use at Madda Studio come from certified local producers or waste we recycle. Our cochinilla is sourced from a local farm in Oaxaca; our indigo comes from Isthmus of Tehuantepec, the southern part of the state of Oaxaca; we collect our cempasúchitl (Marigolds) from the altars after the celebration of Dia de Los Muertos in November.


Madda Studio Natural dye color for Mexico products
Madda Studio Maddalena Forcella and natural dye process in Mexico
Wood for Madda Studio Natural Dye Process
Madda Studio Cochineal Dye being used in the natural dye process in Mexico
Madda Studio Hand-Dyed Wool in Mexico
Collaboration with Martin Young design & ALT For Living

Collaboration with Martin Young design & ALT For Living