Neutral collection

The natural nuances of the wool from the Chiapa sheep range from very dark coffee through beige and gray tones to creams and whites. The tactile and visual richness of our textiles is due to the variety of subtleties of the yarns available at the time of shearing, and to the irregularity in thickness of the yarns spun by hand by each of the 60 spinners who collaborate with us.

Together with El Camino de Los Altos, Madda Studio has developed a palette of shades of gray by mixing black and white fleeces during the spinning. This process allows us a little more consistency in the assortment of yarn for specific projects.

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bonetti/ kozerski architecture

Madda Studio Monochromatic Rug

"This contemporary art work by Maddalena Forcella is the distillation of 500 years of nature, history and culture. Her unique minimalist vision weaves the past with the present, creating an object that will last into the future."