Madda Studio is located in Oaxaca de Juarez, a beautiful colonial city in Southern Mexico. Located  in a casa  from the 1800s in the historic center of the city,  a large guardian tree stands sentinel in front of our door. The Studio is a dynamic space of creation where we carry out experimentation, planning of the projects, quality control, dying of the wools and silks, all of our Nuno production and finishing of items. The weaving process takes place in the homes of the weavers.

Madda Studio natural dye process for wool rugs in Mexico
Madda Studio nuno process for handmade pillow in Mexico
Madda Studio Designs and creates pillows with Nuno Process
Madda Studio Natural dye process Mexico
Madda Studio process of hand-stitching pillows in Mexico
Madda Studio natural dye process using cochineal to hand-dye wool