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Custom Woven Rugs
All of our colors come from natural dyes. The natural dyes we use are cochineal & brazilwood (pink to red tones), Indigo (blue to turquoise), and Marigold (yellow). We combine these natural dyes to create beautiful secondary and tertiary colors. We work with clients to create any custom color.
Wholesale only - Minimum order $2000. Shipping and pillow inserts not included.

For additional inquiries about custom rug orders or wholesale pillow orders please email Marie:


(Pillows and throws are available wholesale only - minimum order $2000. Shipping and pillow inserts not included.)

Our merchandise is not guaranteed against fading or shrinkage through cleaning, steaming and exposure to the sun or effects or wear.  MADDA STUDIO is not responsible for precise color matching due to possible spinning, yarn, weaving or dye variations.  Each piece we make is unique and can not be repeated exactly.

The consistency of the coloring between the samples shown and the final product delivered cannot be guaranteed and does not in any way put the provider at fault. With handmade naturally dyed products, variations in color quality and size may occur.

All pricing, information, services and products are subject to MADDA STUDIO Terms and Conditions. By placing and accepting an order and paying MADDA STUDIO you are confirming your understanding and acceptance of all MADDA STUDIO Terms and Conditions. Please visit www.maddastudio.com to view our full set of terms and conditions

All prices are subject to change without notice. 

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