We believe in the beauty and value of the handmade process.

With the expertise that artisans have developed through centuries, we transform raw materials into elegant textiles with deep cultural provenance, using natural dyeing, hand weaving and felting techniques.

By carefully cultivating relationships with the people involved in each step of the process, we establish trust that fosters creative dialogue between specialists in each discipline.


wool of the cotton Deer

All the wool we use in our creations is spun by hand with the pre-hispanic spindle by  around 50 indigenous Chamula women from different villages in the highlands of Chiapas.

Natural Dye

Our color palette is achieved with the personal care of Maddalena and her assistants in the Studio using local plant materials and the cochineal bug. We develop special hues and saturations for each custom project we undertake.


Our Rugs are hand woven on pedal looms by master weavers in their home workshops in Chiapas and Oaxaca in Southern Mexico.


This fabric is created by felting the highest quality Merino wool or Alpaca with luxurious silk. Available in many sizes and combinations for pillows, upholstery or throws.